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Cry me a damn river by Im-Amsterdam
Cry me a damn river
THERE, I said it! I HATE ANTI-Theist. -Love from an agnostic-Atheist 
Now cry me a river, build a bridge and GET the HELL over IT.

I love everyone, Atheist, Christians, Jews, Satanists, and everyone. BUUUUT, I hate anyone who is ANTI-Theist.
Pesh, plush, shhh. Let me finish. Don't give me that bullshit, not every ANTI-Theist is the same. Uh huh yeah bullshit. There are Atheist, (cool people) and there are ANTI-theist. Dickholes, who I hope they die the most painful death. Just kidding! I'm not a hateful person.

However, I don't like them for many reasons.

1. They expect us Agnostics to hate Christians but not ANTI-Theists
2. They call us Agnostics weak Atheist. (Me and Breaking-Alice get this shit all of the time)
3. Hate all Religions.
4. Bash mostly on Christians. 
5. They will ignore your facts but they expect you to not ignore their fact(s).
6. They think us Agnostics are lost
7. They think all Christians are the same, stupid, homophobic, rude, ECT.
8. They only make ANTI-Religion stamps 

There were more but I think this was enough. However, DO NOT get Atheist and ANTI-Theist mixed up.

Feel free to disagree or agree and feel free to use it.

For the ANTI-Theist, if you believe that if you become ANTI-Atheist you will become smarter. The you must be stupid. In fact you're higher than stupid. 
Stamp base by Im-Amsterdam
Stamp base
If you want:
Link people to this stamp in the description so others could use.
I hate pointless stamps by Im-Amsterdam
I hate pointless stamps
I hate pointless stamps, why? It just takes up the space. There are many lovely stamps out there but they don't get any views, but the stupid pointless stamp gets so many hits.

I just don't get it. It's stupid. 

I heart mah boyfriend

Aww that's sweet....... and ...... just stupid....

I mean it's cool you like your boyfriend but I think it pointless. For me I think stamps should have more of a meaning. Like facts or strong opinions. Such like. "I love/hate MLP" As long you're not hurting anyone.



Then keep that to yourself. That's just rude and pointless.

Now getting off topic, I think pointless stamps is stupid. I 'm a cupcake monster RAWR! Give a cookie, get a cookie! I eat mah cheeze!




Sure your stamp looks really cute and yummy but it's pointless. I won't ever use it. Sorry.

Feel free to agree or disagree, and feel free to use.
Nope not a fact

Okay, I had been into opinion arguments before, just because you think it's correct and there's no scientific proof (or any kind of proof) but you just have yourself, doesn't make it very convicting. I mean I could say pink fully unicorns exist and shits out rainbows and you say it's fake, is it? I mean I think it's correct but is there any proof? Well no, I just think that.

Don't get mixed up with facts and opinions.


Im-Amsterdam's Profile Picture
Averex (A-Ver-Rex)
United Kingdom
Hey guys, I'm Averex, This was a ASK/RP account but not any more.

It been a long time since I had this account and I didn't do shit on it, so today I'm going to do my bio and full up my deviations with stamps, memes, bases(not traced ones), stories, and other shit like that.

Ummm about me, I look alot of my OC character, Amsterdam, but now she belongs to breaking-alice.

Age: 22
Hair color: Blonde, now red-brown
Eye color: green
Height: 5'7

Religion: Agnostic-Atheist
Relationship Status: Married
Occupation: doctor or a pharmacist
Language: English and Dutch

Favorite hobby: being lazy, learning about new things.
Favorite color: Red and Green
Favorite books: Non-fiction, SciFi, horror
Favorite Subjects: Science, History, math
Favorite music: I like all sorts of music but I could say my favorite ones would be, Rock, metal, hardcore punk, Nintendo-core, horror-core, southern rock, Country, techno, techno-core, and classical.
Favorite gaming platforms: Nintendo, PS3/2
Favorite games: Sims 3, Mortal Kombat, FEAR, Fallout, Dead space, Mario 64 (any Mario game) Yoshi Island (Any Yoshi Games) and Kirby's dreamland. (Again any Kirby games)

So yeah, that's all about me. Feel free to ask me anything~

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